Creating a Backyard Paradise with an Outdoor Fireplace

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By: Danny Lipford

Adding a Pavestone fireplace to your backyard paradise not only makes a statement, but it also makes your outdoor living space usable nearly year-round.

For this fireplace, we dug 14 inches deep, then filled it in with sand and rock aggregate. It’s important that you take your time when filling in the hole.

Pour two to three inches of the aggregate at a time, compact it down with a tamper or compactor, then continue adding layers until the hole is filled.

Compacting small layers at a time makes the base stronger and will prevent your fireplace from settling and sinking.

Once your base is set, it’s time to start building. Make sure you have your Pavestone fireplace building diagram handy.

The diagram is color coded to tell you what size stone goes where.

It’s a good idea to build the first couple of layers, then let it sit overnight. That allows the construction adhesive you’re using to dry and set before you start going up with the build.

Level every layer of pavers and be prepared to shim along the way.

Now just add some firewood, sit back and enjoy your new outdoor fireplace.


Creating a Backyard Paradise with an Outdoor Fireplace

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