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We know what your home means to you and your family. That’s why we know how important it is to protect your major appliances and home systems when they break down due to normal wear and tear.

A solid home warranty plan from a trustworthy provider, like Amazon Home Warranty, can do just that and more. 

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Review Team Standards

The primary concerns of consumers when shopping for a home warranty are always in the forefront as our research team dives into the business operations and customer experience of each home warranty provider we review. 

Upon reading our review, we believe you’ll feel more confident about choosing the best home warranty provider for you, based on coverage, costs, service fees, customer service, and coverage limits, among other key aspects of Amazon Home Warranty’s business operations. 

Finally, we’ll support our recommendation of Choice Home Warranty over Amazon Home Warranty with several solid reasons. Among them are seamless transparency and overall customer service. 

Overview of Amazon Home Warranty

Although Amazon Home Warranty has only been selling home warranties for about 10 years, the company has more than 50 years of collective service. 

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Amazon offers standard coverage for a reasonable price, as well as specialty add-on options that most home warranty providers don’t offer, such as a wine refrigerator, whole-house humidifier, or instant hot water dispenser. The company has a network of more than 10,000 certified, licensed, and insured technicians and offers three separate home warranty plans.

Amazon Home Warranty Plans & Coverage

Amazon Home Warranty offers three plans: one covering systems, one covering appliances, and a combo plan that covers both appliances and systems, plus some rare specialty items.

System Plan Appliance Plan Combo Plan
Central AC system
Central heating system
Plumbing (not stoppages)
Hot water heater
Jetted bathtub
Garage door openers
Stand-alone freezer
Trash compactor
Built-in microwave
Instant hot water dispenser
Garbage disposal 
Attic fan
Ceiling fan
Bathroom exhaust fan
Kitchen fan/exhaust hood

These items can also be protected through optional add-on coverage:

  • Pool/spa
  • Additional central heat
  • Additional central AC
  • Lawn sprinkler system
  • Septic system
  • Whole house humidifier
  • Sump pump
  • Limited roof leaks
  • Central vacuum system
  • Well pump
  • Wine refrigerator
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Additional refrigerator
  • Water softener
  • Extra hot water heater

Amazon Home Warranty does not cover plumbing stoppages, either with standard plumbing service or as an add-on option.

Amazon Home Warranty Cost

With most home warranty plans, there are two costs to consider: the premium (paid monthly or annually) and the service fee. The service fee is paid at the time of repair. The premium varies for the plan you select — here’s the pricing for each:

Plan Name Average Yearly Premium Service Fee
System Plan $479 $75
Appliance Plan $479 $75
Combo Plan $579 $75

Home Warranty Service Fees Industry Comparison

Amazon Home Warranty keeps it simple with a flat $75 service fee across their three plans. This is within the average range of similar plans, but on the lower end of the industry standard.

If a repaired item needs another service call due to improper installation or repair by Amazon within 90 days, the company won’t charge another service fee for a technician to come out again and find a way to solve the issue. 

Here’s how Amazon holds up to competitors with their home warranty service fees.

Provider Service Fee
Choice Home Warranty $60 – $75
American Home Shield $75, $100, or $125
Amazon Home Warranty $75
Select Home Warranty $75
1st American Home Warranty $75 – $100
America’s 1st Choice $75, $100, or $125

Source: Internal research/quotes process 

In addition, Amazon Home Warranty offers a 30-day grace period once you purchase a home warranty plan with them, in which you can request a full refund if you’re not satisfied. If you choose to cancel your policy after the first 30 days, a cancellation fee of $30 applies.

Amazon Home Warranty Limitations and Coverage Caps

Amazon Home Warranty does not cover plumbing stoppages and provides the following coverage caps in their online sample contract. A strike against Amazon from the start is a lack of transparency in their contract regarding term coverage limits for appliances or systems. However, the company provides the following specific coverage limits in their contract.

Coverage Limits
Appliances Not specified in contract
Electrical Not specified in contract
Plumbing $500
Ductwork $500
Limited Roof Leaks $500

Amazon Home Warranty: Our Verdict

Amazon Home Warranty is a trusted leader in the home warranty industry with a large network of licensed repair service providers. The company offers some unusual add-on options that may make their Combo Plan quite attractive to those with these specific needs, but otherwise may be “fluff” that most homeowners don’t need in their home warranty plan.

The company offers your first month for free, but only if you pay your yearly home warranty premium upfront in one single payment. There are home warranty companies that offer the first month free, regardless of how you choose to pay your yearly premium, such as Choice Home Warranty. 

We encourage you to request a quote on the Amazon Home Warranty website, in order to be clear on the specifics of coverage in your area.

Our Recommended Provider: Choice Home Warranty

Call the company at 848-256-4658 or fill out this simple form to get your quote today.

Although Amazon is comparable to most home warranty plans in terms of coverage and costs, we believe that Choice Home Warranty is a better choice.

For instance, what stands out the most about Choice Home Warranty is their commitment to seamless transparency on their website. This is true with their online quote tool and their sample contract, which is available in the main menu on their website. In addition, Choice Home Warranty has received thousands of glowing reviews from sources such as Trustpilot.

Choice Home Warranty is refreshingly more simple and straightforward than other home warranty providers, who often add flashy extra coverage to distract from downsides in other areas of the customer experience or their business operations.

Here are two important ways that Choice Home Warranty exhibits open honesty:

  • Transparency in Online Contract: Choice Home Warranty’s sample contract provides more details about specific costs than the sample contract provided by Amazon.
  • Transparency in Quote Process: Similarly, Choice Home Warranty provides a quick and easy way to find specific costs as you customize a plan that fits your needs.

An additional perk that gives Choice Home Warranty a little more edge on Amazon:

  • First Month Free: Choice Home Warranty straightforwardly offers your first month free just for signing up. Amazon Home Warranty, on the other hand, specifies that you only receive a free month if you pay the yearly premium upfront.

With Choice Home Warranty’s Basic Plan, you get coverage for both appliances and systems, not including your washer or dryer. One step up to the Total Plan will provide coverage for these appliances. There are also a number of optional add-ons that allow you to personalize your coverage.

The little things can really add up when you’re customizing a home warranty plan, so transparency and straightforwardness are invaluable in your home warranty provider. Choice Home Warranty provides this kind of authenticity, from requesting a quote to processing a claim.


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