Garage makeover

For many homeowners, a garage is so much more than a place to park their car. That’s why it’s important to keep it clean and organized.

Most folks focus on boosting their home’s curb appeal or renovating the kitchen when it’s time for improvements.

But what about the garage?

This space serves multiple purposes — it’s where you park your car, hang bikes and store tools — but it often receives the least attention.

It’s time for that to change!

Here’s a five-step plan to spruce up the garage to make it functional and stylish.

Cracked Concrete Floor

Hairline cracks in a concrete floor are easy to repair with Quikrete’s FastSet Concrete Crack Repair.

1. Patch Cracks

A garage floor cracks for all kinds of reasons. Shifting soil beneath the concrete slab, a too-thin slab without rebar reinforcement, or damage caused by lawn equipment and tools could all be responsible.

Only a professional can inspect the area and determine how serious the crack is, but if it’s just a hairline there’s a quick way to revive the slab and extend its life.

Applying Quikrete’s FastSet Concrete Crack Repair is an affordable alternative to tearing out and replacing the slab.

Best of all? You’ll get a superior bond that cures fast and can even be used after an hour.

Epoxy coating

Epoxy coating is one popular way to dress up a garage floor.

2. Lay New Flooring

A concrete slab is a beautiful, durable floor for your garage on its own. But if you want to try a different look, you can treat that slab as a subfloor and lay interlocking, PVC floor tiles on top.

PVC tiles are slip-resistant, tough and comfortable underfoot. The interlocking design makes them easy to install — just tap them in place with a rubber mallet. And any necessary cuts can be made with a utility knife.

Best of all, they’re eco-friendly, with some products made from 100% recycled materials.

Tiles are a nice addition, but if you really want to add a ‘wow’ factor to your garage, consider Quikrete’s 2-Part Epoxy Floor Coating Kit

This kit provides a showroom high-gloss finish to your concrete floor, and you can drive on it just three days after application.

Another bonus? You’ll have the nicest garage floor on the block!


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