All About MT Contracting LLC

Our Story.

MT Contracting LLC is a leading contractor including Project management, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Heating & Cooling, and much more.

MT Contracting LLC was founded in 2005.  Since our inception, we have grown from a one-man operation to a full-time crew of five.  We pride ourselves on being small enough to give every client personal attention, but large enough to complete any project you can imagine.  MT Contracting LLC strives to be a company our clients want to work with, our customers can rely on, and employees are proud to work for.

Always Available

we are always here for you 24/7 to answer any questions or update on any project

On Time/On Budget

you can be 100% sure that MT CONTRACTING will be able to deliver right on time, within the set budget limits.

Qualified Professionals

We have direct access to experts in a wide variety of specialized trades like kitchen and bath designers, solar installations and and green building techniques. We pride ourselves on bringing the most experienced person available in each field to your project.


Our materials are bought in bulk from reputable manufacturers, allowing us to keep our prices down and quality high. And because we manage the whole process from top to bottom, we ensure a quality result.

Most Trusted !


Safety is MT Contracting LLC’s #1 concern and we ensure all our staff is trained and updated on all aspects of workplace safety.  We take safety seriously.


Fully Insured & Bonded


OH Lic # 44720



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