DORIAN: Hurricane Supplies Checklist | Today’s Homeowner

[ad_1] (DepositPhotos) As Hurricane Dorian heads toward Central Florida, the first step in preparing for this natural disaster is to gather supplies. You never know if a bank will be open during a storm, so you’ll need plenty of cash and, of course, food and bottled water are musts. It’s important to stay connected to […]

10 Edible Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

[ad_1] Bee balm is an edible flower that is native to North America. (DepositPhotos) Want to wow your guests at cookouts? Then try serving up your meals with edible flowers! There are many edible flowers that can be great additions to your favorite recipes, from garnishes to seasonings to the main course. Tips For Growing […]

Trenching vs. Boring to Install Underground Utilities

[ad_1] Both trenching and boring have distinct advantages and disadvantages, so the decision of which to use will ultimately boil down to your budget and the layout of your property. (DepositPhotos) Before you hire a contractor to install underground utilities, you should know there are two primary ways to carve utility lines: trenching and directional […]

Tips to Enjoy Outdoor Living at its Finest

[ad_1] Videos Video Playback Not Supported By: Thomas Boni Danny Lipford, host of Today’s Homeowner, shares deck and yard maintenance tips to enhance your outdoor living. If you want to enjoy outdoor living at its finest, you need to have a clean deck and beautiful landscaping. Wood decks require a lot of maintenance to keep […]

How to Level a Subfloor to Prepare for New Flooring

[ad_1] Using floor patching compound to level a subfloor. No matter what kind of flooring you’re installing, it’s important to make sure the surface beneath it is level, smooth, and flat. Most subfloors will have low spots that require filling with floor patching compound. After the floor patch compound has hardened, the subfloor is sanded […]

Protect Your Home with AFCI Outlets

[ad_1] Videos Video Playback Not Supported By: Danny Lipford Arc-fault circuit interrupter outlets interrupt power when they detect hazards such as nails inadvertently driven into wires, loose electrical connections or power cords accidentally damaged by furniture or pets. Almost 50 percent of home electrical fires are preventable with AFCIs, according to the Consumer Product Safety […]

How to Budget for a New Roof

[ad_1] (DepositPhotos) Replacing the roof not only prevents damage to the interior of your home, but it is also a way to reduce your insurance rates, bring an older home up to code or even be able to qualify for a tax credit. It’s an investment that will protect your home, your belongings and your […]

Introducing Hygge, the Cozy Design Trend – Today’s Homeowner

[ad_1] Hygge, a Scandinavian lifestyle and design trend, centers on comfort and coziness. [ad_2] Source link

Danny Shares His Special Christmas Gift Tradition – Today’s Homeowner

[ad_1] Danny shares the special way he gives Christmas gifts to his grandchildren, Gus and Mary Helen. [ad_2] Source link

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