Ep 3. Boggy Backyard & Picking the Perfect Shower – Today’s Homeowner

[ad_1] Danny and Joe’s Shower recommendations. Also, how to lead water away from a yard and home. [ad_2] Source link

Sharpening a Chainsaw, Creating a New Living Space, and Thermal Air Conditioners – Today’s Homeowner

[ad_1] This week’s roundup of Today’s Homeowner solutions to help you around the house. How to Sharpen A Chainsaw A chainsaw with a sharp blade is faster and much safer to use than one with a dull blade that just bucks through wood. Here’s how to sharpen a chainsaw in 4 easy steps. Packaged Thermal […]

Ep 1. Tearing Out Tubs and Keeping Shower TIle’s Shine – Today’s Homeowner

[ad_1] A Homeowner is preparing a bathroom renovation for his senior citizen father. Also, a listener needs to know the best way to keep her shower tile clean. [ad_2] Source link