On this week’s podcast, Danny and Joe discuss:

• A homeowner discovered fiber cement siding underneath vinyl siding. The steps she needs to follow to get the fiber cement siding looking like new.
• No matter what season we’re in, insulating your home should be a priority. A homeowner tells us she’s getting mixed responses about installing attic insulation. We help set the record straight.
• Just about everyone has seen black dust around door hinges. The best way to eliminate it from your home.
• Joe’s Simple Solution will allow your outdoor furniture to last a lot longer.

Podcast Question of the Week:

Ken from Nebraska says, “I have a stamped concrete deck. The plan was to reseal the surface with a commercial grade concrete sealer. After the snow melted away I noticed excessive surface spalling do you have any suggestions on how to repair the damage?”

Painting “Pros” Shenanigans

The Today’s Homeowner team showing off their paintings during the last shenanigans event.

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