On this week’s podcast:

•  A homeowner’s hardwood floorboards look as if they’re trying to escape from the house.  They’re buckling in every room.  This is a moisture problem, listen to learn how to fix it.
• A Listener needs help sealing the envelope of their new home after being invaded by lovebugs.  A few improvements he can make to keep mother nature outside.

• Sprayed on ceilings are a headache to update.  The key to painting them is simple… preparation.  How you can prep a room to paint a sprayed ceiling like a pro.
• Joe has a simple solution that will make cleaning up after a woodworking project a cinch.

Question of the week:

Bruce in Kentucky writes,

“How did you vent the fireplace after removing the chimney and replacing the roof with a metal roof? I like the look of the metal roof.”


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