Living room with light color scheme and antique furniture
No matter how small a room is, antique furniture can instantly elevate its appearance. (DepositPhotos)

There are lots of ways to transform your home using antiques. But before you begin shopping, it helps to know how to seamlessly add the right pieces to your home.

Here are some tips to do just that!

Formal dining room with expansive view of backyard and grandfather clock in the corner.
A grandfather clock fits in with any kind of decor. (DepositPhotos)

Meeting Your Home’s

Living and dining rooms are perfect places to introduce
antiques, as so many pieces are aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional.

reupholstered antique chair injects style and history into your lounge. A Victorian or Regency chair complements
a contrasting modern sofa or can a statement piece in the dining room.

If you have a small home or living room, antique furniture can
help keep clutter at bay. Hidden storage can sometimes be found in antique
coffee tables or secretaries, perfect for stowing away paperwork or

clocks also make a great addition to a living or dining room, proving
practical while bringing all of yesteryear’s charm.

Antique sideboards or dressers can look rustic in the kitchen and are useful — cutlery can be stored in the sideboard drawers and your best dinnerware set or favorite collectibles can stay in the dresser.

In the bedroom, antique bed frames can evoke vintage charm,
and a Victorian iron bed
is often higher than a modern frame, leaving more storage space underneath.

Antique clawfoot bathtub in bathroom with yellow wallpaper and gold curtains
There’ something timeless about bathing in a clawfoot tub. (DepositPhotos)

Uses in Bathrooms and

Antiques can be showcased in all rooms of the home, even in
spaces you might not expect, such as the bathroom or garden.

If you have a spacious bathroom, use an antique chest of drawers
to sit below a mirror, or to play home to your toiletries and trinkets.
Alternatively, use it to store towels or bed linens.

If your garden is your haven, antiques can prove versatile outdoors.

An ornate mirror can be attached to a brick wall to create a whimsical effect or you can use a cast-iron drinking fountain as a birdbath.


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