Man cleans a paver patio with a rental pressure washer
Whether you can’t afford to buy the equipment or just lack space for it, there are many reasons why renting tools is convenient.

(October 23, 2019) MOLINE, IL. — Nearly half of do-it-yourself homeowners expect to rely more on rental tools in the next year, according to a survey released by the American Rental Association.

“Rental Customer Needs
Study,” conducted by RSG,
an independent research firm for ARA, surveyed a sample of DIY homeowners across the
country. Results showed that 62 percent of DIY homeowners rented equipment for
a project and completed the job themselves in the past year. Of those who
rented, 48 percent expect to rent more in the year ahead.

The most sought-after tools for home projects were carpet cleaners, pressure washers and portable air compressors.

reasons DIY homeowners rented included:

  • They needed to use the item infrequently or only for a short time (54 percent)
  • The item was needed for immediate use and they didn’t want to buy it (49 percent)
  • The rental store location was convenient (40 percent)
  • They could not afford to buy and own the item (27 percent)

To gather
information about rental and rental locations, 59 percent of respondents
visited rental stores in person; 52 percent conducted an internet search; 44
percent visited rental store websites; 40 percent talked to others; and 29
percent called rental stores.

deciding on a rental store to partner with, DIY homeowners said they consider:

  • Location convenience
  • Competitive rental costs
  • Positive past experience
  • Selection and availability of items
  • Newness and condition of items
  • Desired brand availability
  • Store hours and pickup times

experience satisfaction was high among DIY homeowners. Seventy-four percent of
respondents said they are very satisfied; 24 percent said they are satisfied.


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